Ahwazians Are Protesting Against The Iranian Racist/Cruel Regime

That’s how Ahwazians treat Hassan #Rouhani the President of Iran while he is in Alahwaz.
Iranian regime and your government is not recognizing us and our existence. SO You are no one to us and your are differently not our president.

Ahwazians in Alahwaz the capital city of Khuzestan that is the wealthiest city when it comes to natural resources in Iran and around the world have been protesting for days over the pollution, power failures and unemployment. In 2015 Alahwaz was ranked as the most polluted city in the world by WHO (World Health Organization).
Ahwazians suffer severe socio-economic deprivation. As an Ahwazian who was living in Alahwaz, I remember the only thing that Iranian regime was doing is that taking our oil and other natural resources from Alahwaz and leave us with nothing but dead bodies of Ahwazian human rights and political activists. Iranian regime has been killing Ahwazian human rights and political activists for more than 9 decades.

Recently Iranian’s Persian newspaper quoted the head of the Islamic Republic’s Judiciary pointing out that “Natural catastrophes should not be a basis for political unrest against the government” but as it is well-known to Ahwazians and the world that Alahwaz problems are not “natural”. Economic mismanagement, excessive emissions of pollutants from oil factories and corruption are some of the reasons behind the Alahwaz pollutions and the unwillingness of the Iranian politicians to spend money and resources in Alahwaz to upgrade its infrastructure and create jobs.


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