Iranian regime committing genocide by executing 22 Ahwazi young

Human rights activists within Ahwaz reported to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) a mass execution against 22 Ahwazi young on the background of an attack on a military parade in Ahwaz that taken place on Saturday the 22nd of September 2018.

The sources confirmed to ACHR that the execution been carried out on Thursday the 8thof November 2018 and the detainees’ families been informed by Sunday the 11thof November 2018.

Despite the terrorist group (Daesh) claimed responsibility of the military parade attack, the Iranian security forces arrested hundreds of Ahwazi activists, including civil society activists and nationalists who do not belong to any extremist religious ideology.

Human rights activists within Ahwaz assert that the Iranian authorities found in September attack an opportunity to attack civil society activists and all those who are working in the cultural field.

One of the victims’ relative said that the intelligence service represented by Revolutionary Court summoned some of the executed families and handed them the death documents and while did not disclose the fate of the bodies of those executed, warning the families not to hold a funeral or were subjected to prosecution and detention.

The Iranian security authorities usually after the execution, bury the bodies in mass graves and pour the cement over the victims so that it is difficult to remove them.

The ACHR has identified the following names that been executed so far:

  • Mohammad Moumeni (Silawi) with age of 58,
  • Nassar Moumeni (Silawi) son of Mohammad (number 1)
  • Osama Moumeni (Silawi)
  • Ahmad Haidari son of Abud and age of 30
  • Hatam Sawari with age of 24

The ACHR condemn the mass execution against Ahwazi innocent people and calls for global condemnations against Iranian terrorist regime and warn all the international organizations focusing on the legal and humanitarian aspects of silence towards what is happening in Ahwaz. The ACHR remind them all that if the world does not speak up against these crimes, the consequences will be grossly grave.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights



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