Confirmation of the death sentence for Abbas Drees By the Iranian Regime

Confirmation of the death sentence for Abbas Drees from the city of Ma’shour in occupied Ahwaz was affirmed by the Supreme Court of the Iranian occupation and terrorism regime.

Farshiteh Tabanian, the lawyer of Abbas Drees, confirmed the retrial by the Supreme Court of the Iranian terrorism regime.

The lawyer was not informed of this verdict and was only notified of it because she attended the revolutionary court of the Iranian terrorism regime in Ma’shour.

Abbas and Mohsen Drees, two brothers from the city of Ma’shour, were arrested one week apart during the November 2018 uprising. These brothers were falsely accused of killing special forces personnel of the Iranian terrorism regime and engaging in combat, using firearms.

Mohsen Drees was acquitted of the charges against him, but Abbas was sentenced to death on the charge of combat.

Abbas Drees witnessed the massacre and burning of the Ma’shour cane field during the 2018 uprising.

During this massacre, the protesters blocked the road leading to the petrochemical company. When the military forces of the Iranian terrorism regime attacked, the protesters took refuge in the cane field. The regime forces opened fire on the protesters inside the cane field, causing it to ignite and resulting in the loss of many lives.

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