Statement of Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights in the international women’s day

While the woman in different places of the world celebrating her international day, however the situation of Ahwazi women are getting worsen under the Iranian occupation sovereignty. The Ahwazi women wide range of arrests by the occupier regime is at its alarming level ever since.

The level of arrests has been intensified especially after 22nd of September 2018 incident in which the Iranian occupier regime has arrested five Ahwazi women that are as follows: Miss Amina Thahiri (23), Mrs Nassima Siwari (65), Mrs Lamia Hamadi (21), Mrs Zawdiya Afrawi (55), and Mrs Qaisiya Afrawi (60).

Since their arrest in November 2018, the Ahwazi women are still in the prison. According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that Mrs Lamia Hamadi who is an Ahwazi poet and educated figure, is under severe torture by Iranian occupation regime to get a confession that she is in link with terrorist organisation, but despite her strong refusal she was saying Arabic poems to poof her innocence that she is not guilty.

In similar context, Mrs Mariam Zahid Al-Zubaidi, 51 years old and two of her sons, been arrested in 14th of March 2018 and she is in the prison without been charged.

Mrs Zahra Hosseini , 25, married and has two daughters , was arrested two years ago and she is under barbaric physical torture that is been exercised by Iranian occupation regime prison’s officers.

The occupier regime hold Zahra as the hostage asking for her husband(Mr. Sadegh Hamidawi )’s whereabouts. Zahara’s husband was going to Tehran and he was arrested by Iranian intelligence service and then they refused the arrest of the husband. 

In a related situation an informed sources quoted to ACHR that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested another Ahwazi mother named as Marzieh Al-Haidari son of Lafteh on Sunday the March 11th 2018 in Ahwaz capital.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the Iranian occupation regime intensified arrest against Ahwazi women and demands for more freedom to be assigned to Ahwazi women including freedom of speech.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 

Written by: Ali Bouazar



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