Mass Arrests (160 names) in Ahwaz, Continuous!

Iran is taking advantage of the attack to unite the ranks behind the besieged regime, but they have bigger worry than a single armed operation in Ahwaz as the incident is just another terror attack done by the Iranian regime.

Iranian regime fears a scarier nightmare, and this nightmare threatens Iranian regime’s existence. Nikki Haley told Iran after the attack: “Look in the mirror”, meaning the violence that happened in Ahwaz resembles it. Violence brings violence and the Iranian authorities are the ones that fund it and support it in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and other areas.

But the Ahwazis are paying a high price for the attack. Iranian regime continuous their systematic crack down on Ahwazi Arabs, continuously spreading fear among Ahwazis. Iran under the universalobligation must treat its own people fairly but are they following that? bearing in mind that the Iranian regime harass/arrests/torture and execute people for their political/cultural and environmental activities.

Even though Ahwaz region accounts for 90% of Iran’s Gross domestic product, standing as the backbone of Iran’s economy. But it is one of most underdeveloped borders in the world’s most polluted areas. Our sources in Ahwaz said around 400 people were arrested.

So, the arrestees include civil, cultural, religious, human rights and political activists.But the issue has gone further, and in some cases, children and women have been detained by detainees as hostages. Some of the detainees have been transferred to Tehran. Meanwhile, no one dares to inquire about courts or security forces departments because they are terrified that they may get arrested.

The security forces seem to do whatever they want with the Ahwazi Arab people as they can blame them with the “Military parade attack” label. They try to eradicate any kind of independent cultural and civil activity in the province by creating a climate of terror and imprisonment/torture and execution.

The names of some of the detainees who have been identified by Ahwazi activists inside Ahwaz are as follows:

  1. Riaz Shamousi
  2. Ali Heidari
  3. Yousef Khasraji
  4. Jawad Hashemi
  5. Ali-reza Dris
  6. Maher Masoudi
  7. Riaz Zehiri
  8. Khalid Silawi
  9. Mokhtar Masoudi
  10. Ali Albaji
  11. Mohammad Masoudi
  12. Jader Afrawi
  13. Aghil Shamousi
  14. Seyed Jalil Mousawi
  15. Essa Badwi
  16. Hadi Abdawi
  17. Seyed Sadegh Mousawi
  18. Ahmad Heidari
  19. Milad Afrawi
  20. Adel Zehiri
  21. Abdulah Silawi
  22. Abbas Badwi
  23. Mousa Mazraeh
  24. Rashid Koroshat
  25. Hakim Koroshat
  26. Ms Zuddieh Afrawi
  27. Qaisiyah Afrawi
  28. Jawad Mohanapour
  29. Ali Moghinami
  30. Hussein Hamoodi
  31. Yahia Hamoodi
  32. Naji Kaabi
  33. Yahia Kaabi
  34. Azim Shawordi
  35. Ebrahim Shawordi
  36. Khaled Albu Khenfereh
  37. Ahmad Shawordi
  38. Mehdi Shawordi
  39. Adnan Khanafereh
  40. Moslem Faraj-allah
  41. Anwar Ashoori
  42. Mohammad-reza Jalali
  43. Rahim Amin-poor
  44. Mehdi Obidawi
  45. Mostafa Jalali
  46. Loghman Shorfi
  47. Yousef Marawneh
  48. Abdulah Hayati
  49. Nader Hayati
  50. Mostafa Basiri
  51. Kazem Sayahi
  52. Mansour Asakereh
  53. Yahiah Obidawi
  54. Ghasem Obidawi
  55. Jafar Obidawi
  56. Hassan Bit-Saeed
  57. Adel Zabee
  58. Ali Obidawi
  59. Aref Abiat
  60. Mohsen Badwi
  61. Farhan Shamousi
  62. Mohammad Amouri
  63. Naeem Heidari
  64. Aref Ghazlawi
  65. Kazem Ghazlawi
  66. Ali Alhaee
  67. Ahmad Amin
  68. Sajad Silawi
  69. Seyed Sadegh-Zadeh
  70. Jawad Badwi
  71. Shany Shamousi
  72. Khalil Silawi
  73. Jamil Silawi
  74. Fares Shamousi
  75. Sadegh Silawi
  76. Ali Mazraeh
  77. Samir Silawi
  78. Shaker Sawari
  79. Seyed Ghazem Mousawi
  80. Fazel Shamousi
  81. Sohrab Moghdem
  82. Karim Mojdem
  83. Jafar Hezbawi
  84. Ahmad Hezbawi
  85. Aref Nasseri
  86. Esameh Teimas
  87. Ahmad Teimas
  88. Mohammad Teimas
  89. Seyed Jasem Rahmani
  90. Majed Cheldawi
  91. Seyed Mahmood Rahmani
  92. Hatam Sawari
  93. Jasem Koroshawi
  94. Noori Neisi
  95. Hussein Heidari
  96. Adnan Sawari
  97. Mohammad Heidari
  98. Majed Sawari
  99. Ali Sawari
  100. Mohammad Mohammadi
  101. Ghasem Kaabi
  102. Mehdi Saedi
  103. Lami Shamousi
  104. Adel Afrawi
  105. Mehdi Kooty
  106. Ali Kooty
  107. Satar Kooty
  108. Ali Mansouri
  109. Ali Saki
  110. Abbas Saki
  111. Abo-Shelan Saki
  112. Khazal Abbas Al-tamimi
  113. Ali Sawari
  114. Mostafa Sawari
  115. Khaled Obidawi
  116. Abbas Heidari
  117. Morteza Amiri
  118. Yasin Amiri
  119. Sadegh Heidari
  120. Jalal Nebhani
  121. Khaled Hezbawi
  122. Mohammad Hezbawi
  123. Reza Betrani
  124. Taregh Amiri
  125. Jemal Mojadam
  126. Mehdi Mazraeh
  127. Ali Mazraeh
  128. Mohammad Sawari
  129. Ali Sawari
  130. Ahmad Kazem
  131. Jafar Abidawi
  132. Ahmad Bawi
  133. Ali Shajirat
  134. Mahmood Doraghi
  135. Aziz Hamidawi
  136. Omid Bechari
  137. Ramin Bechari
  138. Jamil Ahmad-poor
  139. Fahad Neisi
  140. Jamil Heidari
  141. Majed Heidari
  142. Ahmad Hamry
  143. Ali Sawari
  144. Danial Adel
  145. Mousa Mazraeh
  146. Abdulrahman Khasraji
  147. Mehdi Mazraeh
  148. Ahmad Sweedi
  149. Adnan Mazraeh
  150. Ms Lamia Hamadi
  151. Hassan Hezbawi
  152. Ali Sweedi
  153. Faeez Afrawi
  154. Mohammad Amin Afrawi
  155. Abbas Moghinami
  156. Morteza Bitshikh
  157. Morteza Moghinami
  158. Aref Moghinami
  159. Hamdan Afrawi
  160. Amir Afrawi
  161. Ali Afrawi

We, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights are calling on all human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and the European Parliament to address the situation of Ahwazi Arabs prisoners and put an end to torturing political prisoners and stop human rights violations towards Ahwazis and other non-Persian nations, human rights and political prisoners in geographic so called Iran.

Hossein Bouazar is a human rights activist from the Ahwaz region in Iran. He writes about human rights abuses committed on the Arab Ahwazi.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Date: 29/10/2018


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