Lack of School caused death among Ahwazi Arabs

Hadi Kaabi, a resident of Beit-e-Khadir village from Sha’ybieh district of Shoushtar (Tester), is one of the high school students who died due to the lack of high school in Sha’ybieh district and depravity of this region from the educational centers are forced to continue studying in Shoushtar city.

Hadi had to move 60 kilometers a day between his village and Shoushtar city by motorcycle. Unfortunately, on 14th of October, Hadi Kaabi died on the Sha’ybieh – Shoushtar route in Hamza’s junction in a crash with a Peugeot 206 car.

Sha’ybieh area is deprived of cultural, medical, educational, welfare and sport facilities, and most importantly, the exclusion of high school students from boys and girls. There is only one school with nine classes and students have to go to the city to complete high school. Going to Shoushtar Due to the lack of facilities and the remoteness of schools from the villages, many schoolchildren, especially girls, have left school.

Sha’ybieh is 60 km away from Tostar (Shushtar) and according to the government’s population, Sha’ybieh has more than 205,874 people over the next ten years. This region is an island between the large rivers Karun and Dez, and this has caused a very fertile soil. The largest agro-industrial complex is located in this area.


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