Four prisoners have died and fifteen others are in critical condition in Sheiban Prison, Ahwaz.

Four prisoners in Ward 3 of Sheiban Prison, Ahwaz, have lost their lives, and fifteen other prisoners have been transferred to an external hospital, with their health conditions currently unknown.

According to our sources, that there has been an incident of “accidental drug consumption” among the prisoners in Ward 3 of Sheiban Prison, Ahwaz.

The human rights organization has mentioned the high possibility of poisoning among the prisoners but stated that “these pieces of information have not yet been confirmed.”

Hossein Bouazar originates from Ahwaz and stands as a fervent champion for human rights. Deeply connected to his Ahwazi Arab heritage, his literary works illuminate the adversities faced by this community. An outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, Hossein bravely highlights the grave human rights violations inflicted upon the Ahwazi Arabs. Through his compelling narratives, he seeks to amplify international consciousness of the challenges the Ahwazi Arabs encounter. His prose resonates as a defiant call for a world that upholds the inherent rights of every individual, irrespective of their ethnic roots or background.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights