Nationwide Protests and Strikes in Iran

Nationwide Protests of Telecommunication Retirees

On Monday, July 1, 2024, large-scale protests were held by telecommunication retirees in various cities across Iran, including Sanandaj, Marivan, Babol, and Tabriz. These retirees, who had served in the telecommunication sector, expressed their discontent with the unfulfilled promises of the telecommunications managers and major shareholders of the Executives’ Headquarters and the Etemad Mobin Company. The protesters demanded compliance with Regulation 89/24 and the payment of their outstanding dues.

In Tabriz, retirees gathered in front of the city’s telecommunication company, protesting against the non-implementation of the 1389 employment and welfare regulation. The retirees, organized by the National Organization of Ahwazi Laborers, emphasized that the implementation of Regulation 89/24 is their undeniable right. They gathered to voice their frustrations and push for the recognition and fulfillment of their financial claims, which have long been overdue.

Continuing Strikes by Project Workers in the Oil and Gas Sector

Simultaneously, project workers in the oil and gas sector have entered the eleventh day of their strike, which began on July 1, 2024. Reports indicate that around 10,000 workers in Asaluyeh have joined the strike, with additional workers from the ESF company, located between Lamerd and Mehr, joining on the same day. These workers are protesting against decades of exploitative working conditions in the oil sector and the plundering by contractors.

The strikers have made several demands, including a 35% immediate wage increase to match the 45% inflation rate, a work schedule of 14 days on and 14 days off, and the elimination of contractors. They are also seeking improvements in dormitory conditions, food quality, workplace safety, and other critical areas. Despite attempts by authorities to quell the strike by setting up polling stations in petrochemical facilities and sites, the project workers remained steadfast in their decision to abstain from voting, symbolized by the slogan “No Vote.”

Protests by Dismissed Steel Workers in Tehran

In Tehran, another significant protest took place on July 1, 2024. Dismissed workers from the Ahvaz National Industrial Steel Group gathered in front of the National Bank building. These workers were previously terminated due to their involvement in labor protests. The Ahvaz National Industrial Steel Group is owned by the National Bank, and the protesting workers sought to draw attention to their plight and demand justice.

These collective actions highlight the growing dissatisfaction among various sectors of the Iranian workforce. The National Organization of Ahwazi Laborers has been instrumental in coordinating these protests and strikes, reflecting a broader movement demanding fair treatment, improved working conditions, and adherence to agreed-upon regulations.